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The UofH aims to foster spirited debate and scholarship in a variety of subjects. This page will lead you to cutting-edge material on topics which affect the globe right here and right now, as well as discussions on more generalist matters and philosophical enquiries.

Books by Thom Keyes are listed in memory of The UofH founder whose wit and compassion motivated his vision for learning and enquiry at all levels.

Reinventing the Middle East by Antoine Sreih & Joseph DiVanna (2015) [Geopolitics]

Reinventing the Middle EastSynopsis [inner sleeve]: Since the region-wide popular uprisings of 2010, the socioeconomic impact of the Arab Spring is still unfolding. Headlines in the media continue to depict the chaos and violence in the region, while governments and businesses across the Middle East and North Africa are struggling to reshape their future.

The Arab Spring, once acclaimed as a revolution spawned from social media enabling people to rise victorious over authoritarian regimes, has given way to new levels of uncertainty and pessimism as pressing social and economic issues (i.e., high unemployment, very young populations, inflation pressures, underdeveloped infrastructure) continue to undermine the region’s security and political stability.

Reinventing the Middle East is an attempt to review the consequences of the Arab Spring in an effort to identify and understand the ways in which these factors have influenced economic growth, national development and social cohesion.

Publisher: Leonardo and Francis Press Ltd 2015

The Final Crash: Addictive Debt and the Deformation of the World Economy by Hugo Bouleau (2007) [Geofinance]

The Final CrashSynopsis [back cover]: The Final Crash exposes the relentless rise and corrosive effect of debt on those who are drawn into its tempting trap. The use and abuse of borrowing bears an uncanny resemblance to the build-up of drug dependency by an addict. Its reach is widespread and oppressive: tainting individuals, banks, corporations and even governments as they stumble unwittingly along a path of economic self-destruction. The creation of easy money in both Britain and America has spawned a string of destabilising asset price bubbles, whose burst will drag the West into an unprecedented slump.

Publisher: Pendula Press 2007

“Here is a disquieting dispatch from someone deeply embedded in the financial world and all us amateur punters should sit up and take note. Do not say later you were not warned.”
Lord Desai, Emeritus Professor of Economics, London School of Economics.

“The Final Crash by Hugo Bouleau is a studious work inferring the impending potential dismal future of the US. This is the book that should be read and studied by anyone who has serious interest in the lives of our future generations.”
Richard Russell, Editor-Publisher, Dow Theory Letters Inc.

“Hugo Bouleau’s brilliant synthesis of the effect and risk of the ever-growing mountain of debt that Western economies are creating provides an excellent and timely antidote to the “hype” peddled by both institutions and market commentators who should know better. Ignore this book and its message at your peril.”
Mark Shipman, Professional Investor and author of ‘The Next Big Investment Boom’.

All Night Stand by Thom Keyes (1966) [Fiction]

All Night StandSynopsis [inside cover]: Who are they? They’re called The Score—five young men who’ve come up out of the cellar clubs of Liverpool riding the Big Beat, the Mersey sound…

All Night Stand is their story, from the £20 club dates and the lovely little scrubbers taken in the back of the van, to the top of the pop charts with the money rolling in like a torrent and old Cass outside the hotel suite to screen the mobs of teen-age girls who scream and faint and press themselves against the door…

Thom Keyes at 24 has captured the living moment of a group that isn’t The Rolling Stones or The Beatles or The Animals but which lives on that peak of fame and wealth. It’s the fast-paced, funny, and truthfully sexy story of the way they live and get their kicks, the way they stick together, and the way they thumb their noses at the world and at their own success.

Publisher: Ballantine Books, New York 1967

“Thom Keyes has produced the mightiest blast of sub-culture yet to be let loose on paper, and the funniest first novel I can remember.”
The Observer

“Paranoid in a quite authentic way—probably represents the results of close personal observation.”
New Statesman

“Mr Keyes has that rare thing in Free art—a sense of humour.”
The Listener

“If it is accurate it must have been written as a crusade against this kind of living. If it is imaginative it is despicable.”
Irish Woman’s Journal

“…the controversial book which has become the hottest talking point in pop.”
Disc Weekly, London

“It’s Henry Miller’s version of what A Hard Day’s Night should really be like!”

The Second Coming by Thom Keyes (1972) [Fiction]

The Second ComingSynopsis [inside cover]: The Second Coming is about revelation and revolution. It shows in marvellous detail, through Yesha—the hero of this novel—the complex and intrigue-filled life of Jesus. Thom Keyes, like many other young people who today question traditional interpretations, transforms the basic details of Jesus’s life into high adventure and mystical exploration. He has uncovered the marks and signs to steer us on the happening of today.

Jesus has been transfigured from the legendary Christ of ecclesiastical piety into a living man, an evolutionary mystic, caught up in a powerful wave of religious politics which eventually pushes him to sacrifice himself on the cross… the reality of a new myth. It is this reality as the myth-making structure that is the real substance of this book.

Like ours, this was a time of political and spiritual upheaval, when the Age of Aries gave way to the Age of Pisces, as now, two thousand years later, a new generation moves into the Age of Aquarius.

A major film of this book is already in preparation.

Publisher: W. H. Allen & Co. Ltd 1972

The Battle of Disneyland by Thom Keyes (1974) [Fiction]

The Battle of DisneylandSynopsis [inside cover]: In The Battle of Disneyland are all the contradictory extremes of reality that make up the absurdities of contemporary America – the effluvia which spill over the Western World. Only Thom Keyes could have created people and situations and through them answer the questions that are posed here.

Why did California buy the Berlin Wall? Why did General Chang throw his retractable-snorkel fountain pen into the Yellow River?

Why did General Jastrzab, Eagle of the Imperium, refuse to come home when the President petitioned him, at a time of the direst need? (And just what was the General doing to the Playboy Bunnies with his Sheraton wooden leg?)

How could the President possibly survive to become Emperor of the World at the age of eighty-nine in the year 2001?

Is Mark, our earnest young hero, on a quest to find the Spirit of America, or is he an ‘agent catalytique’ from the 1000-ship starlet of the Aion Empire, unable to recall his Aion memory?

Why should the female body, as a focal point for contemplative meditation, be any better than a can of beans?

How can you kill seventy-four million people in one chapter?

Who is Eddie Hoggart (the mysterious Varg – 21-Sun Admiral of the Aion Armada of Inter-Universal Battle-ships)? Is it his monumental mission to seek out and destroy the power-centre of a great cosmic comic image-magician? Or is the book just things as they really are?

The Battle of Disneyland is the freshest and funniest work of fiction about America since the drafting of the US Constitution.

Publisher: W. H. Allen & Co. Ltd 1974