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The UofH and its founders produced a number of movies… read all about them below!

Steppenwolf (1974)

SteppenwolfHarry’s vivid imagination has him convinced that, inside, a wolf lurks. Will it break free? Is Harry, as the 60s rock group Steppenwolf phrased it, “Born to Be Wild.” Harry, age 48, is a Central European intellectual in the full sway of a mid-life crisis. One he intends to put paid to by committing suicide when he is 50. Bizarrely, Harry’s story became the spiritual pole of the “Sixties”, when Fishman and Herland set off on a seven-year journey to tell it on film. Steppenwolf provides a key to the most “open-minded” generation – ever.
[DVD sleeve The Director’s Cut]


Hermann Hesse Steppenwolf


Genre Drama

Director Fred Haines

Producer Richard Herland

Starring Max von Sydow as Harry Haller
Dominique Sanda as Hermine
Pierre Clémenti as Pablo
Carla Romanelli as Maria
Roy Bosier as Aztec
Alfred Baillou as Goethe

Gunbus (1986)

GunbusThrough a series of circumstances, a pair of Old West gunfighters end up as fighter pilots in World War I.

Genres Action, Adventure, Comedy

Director Zoran Perisic

Producer Richard Herland

Starring Scott McGinnis, Jeff Osterhage, Ronald Lacey with Miles Anderson, Nicholas Lyndhurst

Gunbus: Art and poster wall

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GUNBUS promotional art

Gunbus and Gaming! Action and adventure take to the skies!

***Game in development!***

In this exciting action-adventure, a pair of cowboys of the Old West end up as fighter pilots in World War I through a series of wild and wacky circumstances.

Barney and Luke’s adventure takes them to the skies with newfound friends as they graduate from horseback into the modern age in this daring display of a multitude of fighter planes – Bristols and ‘Specials’ – thanks to the engineering genius of Fritz’s ‘Specials’ defending against a giant Zeppelin, the Gotha-Bomber, dastardly air mines, the Cathedral of Death and superior enemy firepower.

Will good triumph over evil? Will Barney and Luke make it through? Find out in GUNBUS the game, an adventure in which the sky’s the limit but our heroes and heroines are decidedly down to earth.